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For centuries, a small region in Poland has produced some of the finest pottery for Kings and Queens throughout Europe, using traditional hand decoration techniques passed down through the generations.

Heritage Ceramika represents one of the finest family owned pottery studios in the region. Working with partners all around the world, the range has grown to include a myriad of home and gift items in unique patterns and forms. Heritage Ceramika features patterns from many established artists and designers to provide a range of unique heirloom quality products, adding style and beauty to every home and table.

How are ceramic vessels made? This video shows the meticulous attention to detail of the hand-painted artisanal pottery process.

This film was prepared for the "Circle, period, line" exhibition, which was part of the annual Lodz Design Festival, curated by Magda Gazur.

Patterns seen in the video may not represent the patterns available on this site, although the process remains the same.